Properties of pink salt:


Available salt has 84 types of useful minerals and daily needs (iron, calcium, magnesium, potassium, zinc, etc.)

v Adjust body ph

v Sinuses

v Detoxification of the body

v Improvement of hypothyroidism

v Strengthen bones

v Sore throat relief

v Improve treatment

v Regulation of blood pressure

v Improvement of sleep disorders

v Improvement of allergies and respiratory diseases

v Reduce hair loss

v Cleansing the skin


The salt of the images is actually the reason for the presence of minerals in colors with pale image tonality, rich image, orange, red and even brownish red. This salt actually consists of a combination of 98% sodium and chlorine, and what distinguishes this salt from other salts is the remaining 2%, in which there are more than 84 types of natural minerals, and the difference in tonality of colors is related to low or high . Being from the same material.

   For example, more colors are related to the magnesium present in the stone, and the redder it is, the higher the amount in the salt. Therefore, real mineral salt with any color tonality will have excellent properties<

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pink salt 150gr+salt sapp

  • Brands نمک ماهان
  • Product Code: نمک صورتی هیمالیا با نمک ساب 150 گرمی
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  • 30,000تومان

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